RH6.0 won't boot after install!

RH6.0 won't boot after install!

Post by Mian » Mon, 17 May 1999 04:00:00

I have been using RH5.2 for a few months and it has generally been running fine. Actually
installed it 5 times (because of mistakes I made during use!) and each time it installed
and ran fine.

Recently got RH6.0 and it won't boot after supposedly successful installs. I've tried two
new installs and one upgrade from RH5.2

When booting after new installs in gets to 'Loading Linux' and that's it!     -not even
any dots after it such as 'Loading Linux.............'

When booting after the upgrade it gets to 'Loading Linux' and then goes straight to the
next line with an Error message 'Error 0x09'    -and no further - can't even boot from the
rescue disk that was made during the installation.

Does anyone have any ideas???



1. RH6.0 installs, but won't boot - saga continues

In our last episode:

I've got an older Pentium box with:
- GA-586AT motherboard (anyone know where to get manuals?)
- 32MB of RAM
- Trident 8900 VGA card
- 850MB Quantum drive (1647 cyl, 16 heads, 63 sectors)
- 3Com 3C509 Ethernet card

The BIOS offers four ways to see the disk: Normal, Large, LBA, and Auto. The
first two look the same, and the last two both report 823 cyl, 32 heads, 63

Installing RH6.0 (several times) worked in each case, but the machine would
not boot. It would produce:

LILO boot:
Loading linux

at this point, it hangs and I have to press Reset or Power Off.

This week's episodes:

Blow away RH6.0, and install SuSE 6.1. No joy. It does the same thing as

Recall that this machine was running Win98 when I bought it. Install a 425MB
drive, jumpered as Master. Set the 850MB drive as Slave. This way, says our
hero, there won't be any fuss with drive geometry.

Re-install SuSE 6.1 on the new drive. Same results. Re-install but select
the older kernel. Same results.

In frustration, install FreeBSD 3.1. Trickier (for never having done it
before), but it works! It boots up! It shows a login prompt!

So, it would seem that Linux is not compatible with my machine for some
reason. What do I look at next? Any suggestions received with (pathetic)

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