Installing QLogic Fast SCSI IDE HA

Installing QLogic Fast SCSI IDE HA

Post by Tom Cla » Sun, 30 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi All,

I have a Mylex 90 MHz Pentium PCI/IDE Motherboard with a QLogic Fast SCSI IDE FL
SCSI host adapter.  The root disk is not seeing the QLogic Host Adapter.  Has
anyone gone through this problem before?

Would appreciate any help.




1. Installing QLogic Fast SCSI IDE HA

I've just gone through a kernal rebuild and compiled in support for the
Q-Logic controller.  

Now the host adapter is recognized but that's all.  i.e. the boot disk hangs
after SCSI: 1 host found and refuses to budge.  

Anybody have a suggestion as to how I might force the process, and get linux
to ask me for a root disk?

I'm trying to install on a 486/100 with 16meg RAM Q-Logic scsi controller and a
Conner 1gig drive.

Hmmmm... maybe it's time to get an Adaptec card.


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