Help needed with XFree86 X Server and ATI Mach64

Help needed with XFree86 X Server and ATI Mach64

Post by Rob Wern » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00


I need help.  I recently received Linux and am having trouble configuring
the X Server.  I have an ATI Mach64 graphics accelerator.  If I drive it
as a "generic VGA" device, everything works fine, but I only get 16
colors.  The XFree86 server that I have is suppose to support Mach64
unaccelerated.  If I do this, everytthing also works fine except that
there are two narrow bands displayed near the left and right edge of each
X window mapped.  If a window is unmapped, the bands remain behind.  The
same thing is true for non-rectanular windows generated throught the
SHAPE extension.

This is a hard problem to describe, so I will try to draw a picture.

+-+-+ +----------------------+ +-+-+
| | | | Text in here looks   | | | |
| | | | okay                 | | | |
| | | |                      | | | | This is the right double band.
| | | |                      | | | |
| | | |                      | | | |
+-+-+ +----------------------+ +-+-+

       This is the window

It appears like all windows are drawn this way when mapped, including
pop-up menus and window manager decorations (like I said, *all* windows).
Also, these double bands remain if the window is unmapped.

Does any one have a clue what I may be doing wrong?  

Responses to my e-mail address are preferred since I do not get
to a news reader often.


Rob Werner