Bad Stuff from fsck

Bad Stuff from fsck

Post by John Carrol » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

Turned on my trusty linux box this morning, expecting all to go well,
as it always has.  Surprise.  During bootup, got the following messages
(approximately): Unexpected inconsistency.  Run fsck manually
fsck returned error code -- Reboot Now.  Error reading block 49188 (attempt
to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while doing inode

  The prompt had gone from myname# to  (none)#

I tried fsck, but just got a short message (a version number, I think).
I tried running shutdown -r now, and got: Cannot create /etc/initrunlevel

Actually, I'm not sure which actions gave which results, having been in a bit
of a panic at the time.  In desperation, I typed "exit," at which point the
system seems to have remounted the file system, the prompt took on its normal
appearance, I logged on as root, and everything seemed to work normally.  
However, on the suspicion that something was definitely wrong and might get
worse if I didn't find and fix it, I shut down the system, scratched my head,
and didn't come up with any answers I liked.  Obviously I'm no guru.  My
question to those who are is, can the problem be corrected, and if so, how do
I go about it?

Thanks in advance.

John Carroll


Bad Stuff from fsck

Post by Jim Buchan » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

: (approximately): Unexpected inconsistency.  Run fsck manually
: fsck returned error code -- Reboot Now.  Error reading block 49188 (attempt
: to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while doing inode
: scan.

Have you seen any errors on the console (or the log files) (during
normal use) that say something like "DriveSeekNotReady",
"unrecoverable IO error"? I paraphrased those, since I don't have the
exact wording handy.

When I've seen just the error you have, I think (it's been a while)
that I managed to fix the problem with badblocks and debugfs. There
was a good article on how to do this in a January issue of the Linux
Journal. I forget which year, it's been a while.

When I've gotten the second error (the real one, not my paraphrased
version), it's been worse. I fixed two WD drives with this problem
using a program from the Western Digital web site. It does destroy all
data, requiring a reload from backup, but both those drives still work
well more than a year later (more than two for one of them).

I had a similar problem with a Maxtor this year, and some similar
software from Maxtor seemed to help at first, but the problem kept
coming back worse than before. They cheerfully replaced the drive
under warranty. The new one died in a week. They cheerfully replaced
that one, and the replacement has been holding up well for a few
months now.

I'm really happy with the customer service at least. Friendly,
efficient people, some of whom were familiar with Linux. Cool.


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