Internet Connections (56k/T1) & Linux

Internet Connections (56k/T1) & Linux

Post by David H Denn » Sat, 09 Jul 1994 21:51:10

Has anyone run a T1 line over Linux?  Did it work well, or is there still a
lot to do?

I'd also like to hear any war (and peace!) stories from Internet providers
of any kind (SLIP to T1) who have run Linux.  Is it good enough yet?



1. 14.4, 56k & T1


Would like some feedback on the following:

All things being equal, if I am viewing web pages through a 14.4 modem, will I
see a BIG difference, like 2 or 3x's, in the speed of home pages coming down
the pipe to me, if the server is on a 56k dedicated line, or a T1 line? Let's
assume there is 0 traffic on both sites to make the comparison easy.

Most people seem to say that the limiting factor is the 14.4, so the web pages
should get to me at about the same rate.

Any comments from you good folks would be appreciated.

Also, I would like to know of some sites running 56k lines so I could compare
them to sites I know running T1's.

Thanks a lot!

Victor Howe

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