GNU HURD Filesystem - how to mount?

GNU HURD Filesystem - how to mount?

Post by Oliver Brandmuell » Thu, 27 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

I've got a hard disk containing a GNU HURD filesystem and it would help to
mount it under Linux 2.0.0 system, but I haven't found any matching
filesystem module now. Does anyone know where to find or how to mount this

Thanx in advance, Olli

?b iy
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Unless you friend is a maniac operating systems freak, he/she is not
running HURD.  In fact, when I tried using HURD, it used the BSD Fast
File System (FFS).  Anyway, you need to find out why filesystem the disk
was using.  You can't retrieve any data until you know that.  Unless
it's a text file, in which case you can just attach the disk to your
linux box and search for strings on the raw disk.  emacs /dev/sda4
should work, for example.  Of course you have to be root, and make sure
you don't write to the disk!

good luck


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