dotmatrix and postscript/tex

dotmatrix and postscript/tex

Post by Jake K » Wed, 12 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have old ibm proprinter III, and i would like to print out
several doc's in postscript.  Is this possible?

I have tried to configure the /etc/printcap using magicfilter
with no success.

Also how can i print *txt files with border edges?  and without
the staircase effect.

Jake Kim (Purchase New York)

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1. Printing Postscript files on an Epson dotmatrix printer.


I am trying to setup Linux (RedHat 3.0.3 w/kernel 2.0.0) to print
postscript files in graphics mode on my Epson LQ-510 (24-pin dot matrix)
printer.  I have ghostscript and ghostview installed, I also have
printer support compiled into my kernel.  Printing text files using lpr
works fine.  I can also view ps files using ghostview.

I have tried reading the Printing HOWTO and Printing-Usage HOWTO.  I've
also read the gs man page and asked around about it on IRC.  I've had no
luck so far though.  I did get one filter installed; however, it would
print text files in graphics mode, but wouldn't print ps files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...please respond via
*    David John Davis    * Team OS/2  *

*    Durant, Oklahoma    * ---------- *
*  *

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