Solaris 2.3/2.4 and POSIX.4 Message Queues

Solaris 2.3/2.4 and POSIX.4 Message Queues

Post by Atul T. Mist » Tue, 19 Sep 1995 04:00:00


Is Solaris 2.3 or 2.4 POSIX.4 compliant?

I'm trying to use the POSIX.4 Message Queues, and I'm getting a
ENOSYS error whenever I try to read or write to the queue
(ENOSYS means Unsupported file system operation).

Has anybody encountered this problem?
If so, is there a work around for it?

Thanks in advance!

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1. Does Solaris 2.3 Have POSIX 4 "MQ" message queues?

I'm looking for the "mq" realtime message queues that exist in POSIX4.
I'm *not* looking for IPC message queues.  I'm looking for POSIX4 realtime
message queues.

When we do use them, we get back ENOSYS, which stands for "not
implemented".  Does this mean that Solaris isn't POSIX4-compliant?

Can anyone point me to a POSIX4 message queue package that might
be missing from my system?


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