scan disk for files tool

scan disk for files tool

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I was wondering if anyone has any good tools to scan directorys for
files that meet a certain type. Such as gif's, jpegs, mpeg etc..

I use a csh script I wrote now, but was wondering if anyone has a better

if so let me hear about it.


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1. scan disk for file systems

I lost the hard drive label. In order to read the hard drive I put it
in a different computer.  There were only two partitions on the drive
an ext2 and swap space.  I assume that if I were to use fdisk and type
in the correct values for the partition table that I could recover the
ext2 file system.  I was hoping that there was a program that I could
use that would scan the /dev/dhb device to find the start of a (ext2)
file system.  I would then be able to know where the file systems
started and stopped.

Ps. Please excuse me if this is a re/cross post. I thought I posted it
five hours ago. I could not find it anywhere.

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