Showfh (show file handle) for Solaris 2?

Showfh (show file handle) for Solaris 2?

Post by Ken Mandelbe » Sun, 17 Oct 1993 03:16:24

Does anyone have a versions of showfh for Solaris 2. Its not
clear to me how to profitably use the NFS error messages
without something like it.


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1. Need help matching stale NFS file handle to a file, Solaris 2.5

I am trying to track down a problem we are having with stale NFS file handles.
I keep getting this message:

Jul 30 00:12:50 unix: NFS write error on host hawaii: Stale NFS file handle.
Jul 30 00:12:50 unix: (file handle: 1d80029 2 a0000 14e24 bc3717d6 a0000 2 78ade889)

I believe it is a file in a user's automounted home directory. It appears that
the directory is unmounting while a program is running (which shouldn't happen
since the program is running from the home directory).

SunOS has a showfh program to attempt to track the file handles but Solaris
doesn't have this program. I don't seem to be able to find any description
of the numbers output in the error message above, so I am not sure what they
refer to.

Any suggestions on how to debug this would be greatly appreciated.


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