x86 2.6 parallel port problem

x86 2.6 parallel port problem

Post by zabrosk » Sat, 16 May 1998 04:00:00

Having a problem printing to a parallel port on an HP vectra VL7.  The
parallel port is set to EPP mode.  When I try to cat a file to the /dev/lp1
get an error "/dev/lp1 : can't create"  Any help would be appreciated.  You


1. 2.6 x86 Serial Port/Modem Installation Problem

I have a SupraMax 56k PCI modem that I am trying to get to work in my
Solaris box.  The Device Configuration Assistant sees a Serial Controller on
the PCI bus, but a COM port is not assigned to it.

I have tried the new asy.conf from Celeste's Serial Port Tutorial to no

Has anyone else had any success in getting a PCI modem to work in Solaris
2.6 x86?

Be seeing you.


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