thread scheduling and priority

thread scheduling and priority

Post by Vipul Pate » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 08:09:29

  I would like to specify control execution priority for a set of unbound
  threads in our application (for both Solaris and Posix threads). In a
  test program, the corresponding threads APIs (set/get) do indicate
  the priorities have been changed.

  My questions are:

  - Do I need to suspend a Solaris thread before changing its priority?
    The man page is not very clear on this.

  - Is the thread priority fixed or effected by the cpu (etc) usage by that

  - How does the thread priority map to the priority displayed by "ps -L"?
    Are these LWP's priorities? This priority seems to change (as per
    kernel time-share scheduler) per cpu usage etc.

  - What is the benefit of changing thread priority in a time-share

  vipul patel