WABI: Which win games do run under Wabi?

WABI: Which win games do run under Wabi?

Post by Thomas Landgr » Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Now (1996) There are some games on the market, which are
"Windows Compatible", wouldnt it ba a good compatibility
test to run this games? I tried SimIsle ... after a while
it crashes with an exception error. Since Win 3.1 does not
have Memory protection (yes we do have 1996), but Solaris 2.4
has (SunOS3.x already had it 1985) -- this may the problem.

WinNT has memory protection. The game "Battle Isle2" has the words
on its box "ready to run on WinNT", can someone of you
-- Who has Battle Isle 2 and WABI -- Make this test?!?

                Tschau Thomas


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1. questions about Wabi. WABI <---> WIN95 applications??


I'd like to use microsoft word and some other window application (visio) on
my solaris 2.5.1 workstation.

I have wabi 2.2 rev A installed on my workstation, but found out
that it is asking for WIN 3.1.  

My question: is there a Wabi release to run Win95 applications and not
just just Win 3.1 ?  

Has any one actually used Wabi to use word 6.0 (I'd rather use Word 7.0, but
that requires Win95). Has anyone also used Visio on Wabi?

Can one run any Windows application on Wabi? or some subset? how large
is this subset? is Wabi the best UNIX environment to run windows applications
on? I have heared of something called soft-windows, but know nothing
about it.

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