X86/2.5 loosing desktop.

X86/2.5 loosing desktop.

Post by Laurence Lindstr » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Help Solaris experts:

   I have a PPro , Solaris 2.5, and a Matrox Millennium 4 Meg.  

   I have NT in the first 1 gig partition, WIN95 in the second gig, and
Solaris in the last, 2 gig, partition.  

   Several weeks ago I had to rebuild the WIN95 partition from tape.  So
I made that second partition active, with fdisk, and ran ArcSolo.  The
partition recovered fine.  

   I then ran fdisk to activate the Solaris partition.  After entering
user name and password, the CDE "setup" screen popped up, the one with the
sun splash image, with the hourglass symbol.  And that was it, my desktop
wouldn't come up.  Eventually, the screen went completely blank.  

   I rebuilt from CDROMs.  I did a ufsdump for each file system.  

   Last night I rebuilt WIN95 again, and Solaris is screwed up in the
same way.  

   I can do the "Failsafe" login.  

   How do I get my desktop back?  

   How do I avoid this problem in the future?



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