Solaris Enterprise Sub-Agent can't change community

Solaris Enterprise Sub-Agent can't change community

Post by Bruce Barnet » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I am experimenting with the Solaris Enterprise Agent, and when I tried
to change the default community name from "public" to something else,
I was unable to do so for the sub-agent I installed.

In the *.acl file I have

acl = {
                communities = other
                access = read-write
                managers = xxx, yyy


Now - the master agent has the new community name, and the mibiisa
agent also has the community changed. But I can't get the agent I wrote
to have a new community name. I run the master agent in debug mode,
and sure enough, the new subagent insists on using "public" as the
community name. I've changed the *.acl file, and the *.rsrc and *.reg
files no longer have "public" inside them.

Any suggestions?

I based my agent on the sample one Sun provided.
I've specified the *.acl on the command line also. No luck.

Solaris 2.5.1. Ultra 1

Bruce  <barnett at crd. ge. com> (speaking as myself, and not a GE employee)