Pb with compiling Apache 1.3.14

Pb with compiling Apache 1.3.14

Post by Jean-Luc BEAUDE » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 01:46:02

Hi every body !

I'm using SOLARIS7 and try hard to install Apache 1.3.14 with mod_perl
in DSO.

After i installed my Apache Server - which looks runnin' good -
I installed Perl 5.6.0 - same thing... -
I want to install mod_perl with
bash  # perl Makefile.PL \
USE_APXS=1 WITH_APXS=/home/jlbeaudet/Apache314/bin/apxs \ EVERYTHING=1
which returns an error message:
Will configure via APXS (apxs=/home/jlbeaudet/Apache314/bin/apxs)
************* WARNING *************

  Your Perl is uselargefiles enabled, but Apache is not, suggestions:
    *) Rebuild Apache with CFLAGS="-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE
    *) Rebuild Perl with Configure -Uuselargefiles
    *) Let mod_perl build Apache (USE_DSO=1 instead of USE_APXS=1)

************* WARNING *************
Aborted by my own (^C)

So my question is:
Is the command below the correct syntax to do the job ?
./configure --enable-module=all --enable-shared=max \
--target=http314 --prefix=Install_Dir/Apache314
And if so, how can i know the CFLAGS options were well understood and
compiled in Apache ???

Any help Welcome !

Regards JLB :O)


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