rsh machine -n 'command >&/dev/null </dev/null &'

rsh machine -n 'command >&/dev/null </dev/null &'

Post by Francois-Michel La » Sun, 12 Jun 1994 04:52:22

My copy of the Unix FAQ suggests syntax like this

            rsh machine -n 'command >&/dev/null </dev/null &'

for running rsh (assuming I use csh on the remote machine, and
something similar if I use sh remotely).  This has always worked
fine for me under SunOS 4.1.2.

My question is: Will this magic necessary under Solaris 2.X?

Many thanks!
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I still has the error message from the following command:

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but not from the following command:

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I thought >&1 is the same as >&-. Any comments are appreciated.

Thank you.


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