new version of DNS Boss!

new version of DNS Boss!

Post by Morris Seal » Sun, 22 Jun 1997 04:00:00

     There is a new version of DNS Boss for Solaris out that
is about 12 times faster than the previous version.  This
comes in handy on updates of larger sites.  
     The product is a Java GUI application (not an applet).
It makes installing and maintaining your DNS primary easy!  
     The web page is:



1. h2n using "DNS Boss" a java GUI for DNS primary's

     If you ever need a GUI to set up your DNS primary or secondary
on the Solaris platform, check out-
     It is a Java application (not an applet) that installs on your DNS
primary, and comes up as a GUI that does the same thing as the h2n
script, except it is better at handling multiple domains.  It currently
works on the Solaris platform.  It creates all of your db.domain and maps.  It is smart enough to sift through all of your
domains to create the right map even if you have
hundreds of domains.  It is very easy to installs with the standard
Solaris "pkgadd" utility.  You don't have to install anything else to
make it work.

Morris Seals

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