SunSoft Mystery! Solaris PPP GUI setup tool

SunSoft Mystery! Solaris PPP GUI setup tool

Post by Bryan Altha » Sat, 09 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Can someone at SunSoft explain why the unbundled PPP 2.0 ships with a easy
to use GUI setup program ( I am told ) like on other modern OS's ( NT, Win95 )
but this same setup program does not come standard with Solaris 2.5?

This to me defies all logic.  Trust me, alot of PPP users setup from
home and these users are *not* Sys Admins who have the time or patience
or understanding to go through some 22 steps to setting up Solaris PPP.

Any chance this GUI setup program could make it as a patch or in
an upgrade?  


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Trying to inserta new appointment, I keep getting

The permissions on callog file are
  -r--rw----   1 ab       daemon     99618 Jan 11 22:55 /var/spool/calendar/callog.ab

Now the name2  mentioned in the above response is a nickname
of the localhost. So, the question: where does the calendar manager
get the hostname from? If it is from the /etc/hosts, why does it
pick the nickname rather than the main hostname?

(The /etc/hostname has the following:   localhost               loghost   name1    name2

Or, have I got it all wrong? (If yes, please explain.)

With thanks,

Dr. A.Bykat

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