US-CA-Bay Area-Unix Technical Support-Recruiter

US-CA-Bay Area-Unix Technical Support-Recruiter

Post by Chen & Mcginley Inc » Wed, 30 Jul 1997 04:00:00

 My client is looking for Unix Technical Support with a strong backgound in
Solaris and/or AIX. The ideal consultants should have a strong background
in workstation and server administration as well as experience dealing with
disaster recovery efforts in a high demand enviornment. Experience doing OS
migrations and installs is also required. Experience with DNS and secruity
issues is desired. if you are interested please give me a call or email me.

Erik Ribardiere
Chen & McGinley, Inc.
1 Maritime Plaza
San Francisco, Ca, 94111
tel. 415-544-9200ext119
fax. 415-544-0777



1. US-CA-Bay Area-Unix Security Consultant-Recruiter

I am looking for a UNIX Security Consultant with experience implementing

Firewall products in a Enterprise environment. The ideal consultant should

have experience with a variety of Firewall products and also have a broad

UNIX background with an emphasis on Solaris or AIX. You should be able

to this project from the design phase to implementation and also

participate in the systems support. You should be well versed in such UNIX

tools such as Shell scripting, Perl, and Awk/Bourne/Sed. Experience

with financial institutions is desired. This project would be iniatly

months and could easily go to Two years. Please email or call me if you

Erik Ribardiere
Chen & McGinley, Inc

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