IEE 802.1Q

IEE 802.1Q

Post by caff » Wed, 25 Aug 1999 04:00:00

 Is possible configure virtual Lan, using the standard IEE 802.1Q,
 on Ultra 450???

 Do we need un additional NIC ??

 Can anyone help me ?


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1. 802.1q question


I'm trying to understand the 802.1q vlan working. I tried to setup a
little lab environment but I cant get the thing started.

I have to laptops, both running Debian. I have a Cisco catalyst switch.

First on the Cisco I do the following:

Configure terminal
Interface fastethernet 0/7
Switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
Switchport trunk allowed vlan 666
Switchport mode trunk

The same for fastethernet 0/8

Then on the linux boxes:

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 up
modprobe 8021q
vconfig add eth0 666
ifconfig eth0.666 netmask broadcast up

And on the other box I do the same except I use in stead of .

Then the big test ping from the machine and
..... nope, nothing happens.

While looking at this issue I used ethereal to see what is actually going
over the line. And from the two debian boxes I miss the 802.1q headers in
the TCP package. In the documentation and when I look at the traffic from
a Cisco IP-phone I see that they are sending some VLAN information into 4
bytes but my linux boxes dont do that.

What is wrong?

The switch is a clean installation, just default only the things changed I
mentioned above. The network itself without Vlan is working. Rebooted
everything at least a dozen time till now.




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