Routing Problem with Solaris 2.4

Routing Problem with Solaris 2.4

Post by Leo Cheu » Fri, 22 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

We have a few Sun Sparcs running Solaris 2.4 in various offices
connected thru a few frame relay routers. Previouly only one of the
offices had direct connection to the internet. Other offices used to
connect, thru their frame relay routers, to the net via the connection
in that office. Recently, we established a different direct internet
connection in another office.

In order to directly access the net via the new connection, a Sparc20
has been set up with the ip address of the new internet router in
/etc/defaultrouter. But then once the Solaris system detects the
existence of /etc/defaultrouter upon system startup, it no longer
establishes routing entries for inter-office routing thru those frame
relay routers. This results in failure in connecting to that Sparc20
from other offices thru frame relay.

I set up under /etc/rc3.d a file, S98route, which contains a bunch of
"route add" commands to compensate for the missing entries necessary
for the inter-office routing. It works but then any future WAN
configuration changes will require mannual updates. I wonder if there
is any way to specify default router without losing the capability of
the automatic setup of routing table upon system startup?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Leo Cheung


1. Routing problems on Solaris 2.4

I wonder if anyone has experienced similar problems and has an answer.

We are running Solaris 2.4 on an SS5 along with Morningstar PPP.  Most of
our users connect to us via PPP sessions over modems but a week ago we
switched from Sun 4.3.1 to Solaris 2.4.  Since then we have had continues  
problems with our routing.

When a PPP user establishes a conection a route is added for them but the
route is never deleted and thus when they call back they are unable to
do anything because off the old routing entry.

We have tried to manually remove the route but route simple tells us that there
is no such route while you can still see it in the routing tables.

We are running the standard route daemons etc.

If anyone can help us or has come across this we would appreciate any light
you can throw on the subject.


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