Solarix x86 & SMC EtherPower II 100Meg Full Duplex

Solarix x86 & SMC EtherPower II 100Meg Full Duplex

Post by B Grosho » Mon, 28 Feb 2000 04:00:00

HI all:
I've been trying to get my SMC EtherlPower II card to work 100Meg Full
Duplex. (and of course am having problems getting it to work)

Running Solais 2.7 x86 on a Dual PII 333 System (gig of ram)
This system started life out with a Compex 10 Meg card running
full duplex, and through several hours of digging around I finally
figured out how to get the system to recognise the SMC card
and install drivers to get it working.

Copy the /etc/hostname.dnet0  to /etc/hostname.elxl0
touch /reconfigure

I have added lines to my /kernel/drv/spwr.conf as follows
(and rebooted of course)

The speed setting seems to work but the full-duplex setting does
not seem to.
Heck I'm not even sure if this is the proper syntax for this card.
I'm just copying the same format as other fast ether card chipsets.

Any yes, the switch port that this card is plugged into is set to
100/Full (Cisco 2924XL)

I'm doing a netstat -k spwr0 to see the current state of the card
and it reports 100Meg but no duplex setting (aka half)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



1. Redhat 5.2 & SMC EtherPower II/10/100 & AWE64

No, the SMC EtherPower II uses the Epic driver.

You don't need to work this hard. Read the Hardware HOWTO and the NET-3
HOWTO. In the latter you will find (nearly) all of the supported NICs
linux supports, and any special configuration needs. I have two of those
cards, and with the support compiled into the kernel, they just work.
(Note: The SMC EtherPower was a Tulip card {sans the - II}).

Can't help you there, sorry


(Whos primary goal in life seems to be scaring the bejesus out of
soccer moms driving minivans. Damn, I love the sound of Termignonis
in the morning.)

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