Need 3 SCSI terminators????

Need 3 SCSI terminators????

Post by Mark Hat » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 09:16:22

I know the SCSI definition is a little loose, but I assumed that you only
needed 2 terminators, one on each end of the bus.

After trying lots of combinations to get my configuration working
(SparcStation 5, internal 500 meg drive, internal CD ROM, external 2GB
(DEC) disk, external Viper tape drive) I found that if I put two passive
terminators at the end of the external chain, everything works fine!

Is this unusual? Will this do any damage to my system (extra impedence?)




1. Does a 590's inbuilt SCSI bus really need a terminator?

We have 3 of these machines, none of which has a SCSI terminator.
The bus drives the internal CD only.  I sometimes hot-plug an external tape
drive into the bus for backup.
One of the 590s lost its SCSI adaptor recently.  Could be the fuse has
gone - currently working on it.
According to the manual I shouldn't be hot-plugging and must have a
Is this really true?  It doesn't seem to have been a problem over the past 5
Any advice?

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