Changing screen resolution on a SunRay system?

Changing screen resolution on a SunRay system?

Post by Abdul Al » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:58:40


Recently we bought a Sun Ultra5 workstation that has about 30 or so
SunRay X-Terminals connected to it. They work fine and all, but the
users constantly complain about the resolution that they have. The usual
complain is that the resolution is way too small for the normal being to
work with, hence we need to change the resolution.
Simply put, I do not know how to correctly change the resolution. I
tried to change the resolution with a program that was provided but when
I change the resolution on that the desktop size remains the same, but
the resolution does change. So basically what I am trying to get at is,
we woudl have a  screen res of 800x600, but the desktop would be
1024x1024, so the user has to move around the large desktop by manually
scrolling the screen. Kinda weird of an explanation, I know. But anyhow,
is t here a simple command that can be used to change the resolution?
I am not fully sure of the hardware that we are using, but I can specify
that we are using a Ultra5 server, and the sunray product we are using
can be found at the following address. I'm thinking that the video board
on board the sunray xterm is the one I need to change the resolution
with, or maybe I am wrong.

If you can give some helpful advice, or at best, the solution, I would
be grateful for your time and help.
Thank you!



Changing screen resolution on a SunRay system?

Post by leb.. » Sun, 31 Dec 2000 06:34:21

Use /opt/SUNWut/bin/utsettings to alter monitor settings.

Use /opt/SUNWut/lib/utxconfig to alter X-Windows settings.

-- Russ

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Greetings, I have an SBus based system with three Turbo GX cards.  By

the refresh rate to 76 Hz.  The other day I saw a pointer here to the
FrameBuffer FAQ <>, which lead me to
the handy fbinfo and fbconf tools by David Tong.  Both of these correctly
identified the TGX cards, and fbconf generated a nifty script to up the
refresh rates to 76 Hz:

 eeprom use-nvramrc\?=true
 eeprom nvramrc='probe-all
: vsetup1 " 108000000,71808,76,32,128,192,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR,0OFFSET"

: vsetup2 " 108000000,71808,76,32,128,192,1152,2,4,31,900,COLOR,0OFFSET"

 eeprom fcode-debug\?=true

running at 76 Hz.  (Hooray, and it is significantly easier on the eyes.)
Unfortunately, the other two screens are still stuck at 66 Hz.  I tried
some of the other tips in FrameBuffer.html, but I couldn't get them to

Any ideas from you people out there with multiple screens?

Golden Geophysical Corp., 1746 Cole Blvd., Suite 100, Golden, CO  80401

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