Q: How to re-connect to SCSI tape drive without re-booting after Legato process hangs?

Q: How to re-connect to SCSI tape drive without re-booting after Legato process hangs?

Post by htche » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have a Sun SPARC 2 file server running Solaris 2.4 and Legato
NetWorker 4.2 with a HP SureStore 12000e tape autochanger.  Every time
the scheduled tape backup is activated, the Legato NetWorker 4.2 tape
backup process hangs.  This hang-up has been a chronic problem for the
last two weeks.  For example, the following lines on the Solaris 2.4
OpenWindow's console window resulted from the latest scheduled tape
backup attempt:

        March 3 23:51:12        sun1    syslog: NetWorker Savegroup:            (info) starting
BFG (with 1 client)    

timeout for Target 5.0

The HP SureStore 12000e tape autochanger is SCSI device 5 on the default
SCSI buse, which has four (4) other SCSI peripherals connected as the

        SCSI controller #0 (system default)
        internal 424MB HDD: partition (/) [SCSI Address = 3]
                default external SCSI port
        external 1.3GB HDD: partition (/h) [SCSI Address = 1]
        external 2.1GB HDD: partition (/home) [SCSI Address = 2]
        external 8mm DAT tape drive [SCSI Address = 4]
        external HP SureStore 12000e tape autochanger [SCSI Address = 5].

The SPARC 2 was added two S-Bus SCSI controller cards that supported
additional external hard-disk, cd-rom, and tape drives (total = 5

No hardware/software changes were made to the system since the
installation of Legato NetWorker.  The whole system was working fine
over the last nine months until this past few weeks.  

According to Legato Tech. Support, Legato NetWorker 4.2 will experience
I/O streaming hangups while running on Solaris 2.4 without additional
patches.  The recommended jumbo kernel patch from Sun is #101945-34.

I really need to know some solutions based what others have experienced
with Legato NetWorker and Solaris 2.4.

Lastly, I would appreciate any info on how to re-connect to the HP
SureStore 12000e tape autochanger once the messages from above appears
without having to re-boot the file server.

Thanks in advance.