solaris 8 installation problems

solaris 8 installation problems

Post by suhailkou » Thu, 26 Sep 2002 22:12:20

i have created the custom solaris 8 jumpstart cd . The CD works fine
on sun ultra 60 (except for the known bug that it does not ask for 2-2
Now when i try to install same stuff on sunblade 2000. i get the
following error
vol_init failed (cant communicate with kernal)
It Does not mount the CDROM . if i try the same thing using original CD
from SUN it works fine....

Is that some thing to do with jumpstart files .....???

my profile looks like this

install_type            initial_install
system_type             standalone
partitioning            default
filesys                 rootdisk.s0 4096 /
filesys                                       rootdisk.s1 1:690 swap
filesys                 rootdisk.s4 4096 /opt
filesys                 rootdisk.s6 6144 /debugs
filesys                 rootdisk.s7 2048 /reports
cluster                 SUNWCall
package                 SUNWpmown         delete
package                 SUNWpmowr         delete
package                 SUNWpmr           delete
package                 SUNWpmu           delete
package                 SUNWpmux          delete
isa_bits                32
Any pointers or suggetions on this !!!

Thanks in advance
suhail koul

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