how to fake domain

how to fake domain

Post by Zoltan Koszty » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Could anyone help me how can I fake a domain from
inside a domain. I would like to obtain that one of
our Sun ( to accept differrent
requests (mail, telnet, http, ftp) as ''.
Please send me an example.
I have read RFCs and manuals but they could not help
My very best wishes.

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how to fake domain

Post by Kurt J Lan » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

>Could anyone help me how can I fake a domain from
>inside a domain. I would like to obtain that one of
>our Sun ( to accept differrent
>requests (mail, telnet, http, ftp) as ''.
>Please send me an example.
>I have read RFCs and manuals but they could not help
>My very best wishes.

Well, first you have to get the root name servers (which you
don't control) to accept a domain name whcih you haven't
registered with the internic. Good luck -- you are going to
need it.


1. converting fake domain to PPP domain (mod_rewrite)?


I am running apache 1.2b4 and Squid 1.1x (as an Accelerator).

I have a fake domain called "" which I use to maintain my
internal network.  It is using a bracket of IP addresses reserved for the
purpose.  My personal domain is *not* in the DNS.

I connect to my PPP host which is an annex terminal server, and it is in
the DNS.

I am allocated 1 of 4 different domain names when I connect.

My problem is:

I can use my httpd with my fake domain "" from within
the internal network.

I can also use the PPP domain to query the server when connected
to the annex.

What I want to be able to do, is connect from work to my home
www server over the PPP link - which I can do.

I can get to most things on my www server at home using the PPP domain
name as the address.

However, there are cases when the PPP domain gets written out and the
fake domain gets written in - esp. with imagemaps, and then I get
"Not Found" errors - of course because the domain will not be in the DNS.

I looked at mod_rewrite and some examples I found on Engerschall's
site, but was unable to get anything to work.

How can I rewrite this? =>

so I pickup the correct domain name dynamically?

I don't know how clear I am - I did try mod_rewrite, but
something must have been broken in my rules.

Should I be looking at making my home site a series of virtual
domains that correspond to the 4 ports I could possibly be connected on?

I am running linux 1.2.13, apache-1.2b4 and squid 1.1b12 accelerated mode.
I am also running a caching named to handle queries on my internal

please help!


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