MAE you make the call

MAE you make the call

Post by cs_.. » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have an MAE package untouched due to the
piece of *tatung machine I purchased.
I made the company take the second one back and
now I have a mac.  Now all my money is gone and
there sits this 500 dollar package...

Suggestions please -
I could burn it - no money back
Apple dosent want it...  



1. How to call by phone my own pc and made hime to establish a connection ?


i want to know what i have to install on my pc to be able to connect to my machine by telnet and ftp anywhere i am in the world.
My pc has a 56k modem. I want it to respond to a call, ask a login and pass and establish the connection.

        Thanks for your answering.


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