Install multiple locales with Solaris 8 jumpstart profiles

Install multiple locales with Solaris 8 jumpstart profiles

Post by vic mortelma » Tue, 12 Jun 2001 20:20:14


I want to create a Solaris 8 jumpstart profile that installs (only) a
couple of locales on the system (it,sv,pt,no,nl,fr,fi,es,en,de,da).

What I tried:

- figuring out which packages are involved (SUNW{weu, seu, eeu, ceu,
nam, sam, cam, mea, aua, naf, neu}{os, ox}) and making an entry for
each of them in the profile after the entries for the packages we
        package SUNWweuos add
        package SUNWseuos add
        package SUNWauaos add
        package SUNWweuox add
        package SUNWseuox add
        package SUNWauaox add

the effect: packages are just ignored and nothing extra is installed
in /usr/lib/locale

- then I rtfm and found out about the 'locale' statement in profiles,
and I replaced above by
        locale it
        locale sv
        locale pt
        locale de
        locale da

but then on installation of the packages, he complained on not finding
the da-locale (why did it complain about da, does it start at the end
of the list?)

- meanwhile I rftm further and found out about the 'geo' statement in
profiles, which - as far as I understand - does exactly the same as
'locale', but only on a region basis i/o a language basis.

- getting further information from internet, I found out about locales
containing also CDE customization etc. that flood your harddisk, while
we only need things like decimal and date notation.

So, can someone explain how to install limited locale information for
a limited number of languages via Solaris 8 jumpstart profile

From an other thread in this list (Sol8, locales, and the GUIs), which
seemed a similar problem, I learned that we'd have to install the
concerning packages manually (well, in a finish script, so not via the
profile); is this the case?

Is there a clear explanation of what the locale and geo statements in
profiles are really ment to do?

Thanks in advance!

Vic Mortelmans

PS Who's going to write the Solaris 8 locale howto?

PPS I'll monitor the list, but it would be appreciated if a cc. could
be sent by email as well


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