Solaris7 on 750CDM - Done using Xfree

Solaris7 on 750CDM - Done using Xfree

Post by Greg Kellog » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hey everybody, I was able to configure XFree on my 750 using CDE, works

Just 2 questions...

1. are there higher res icons in solaris? or is Xfree just screwing them up?
(I had to drop to 8bpm res)

2. if i run admintool I get a bunch of "VirtualBinding" errors, like:

Warning: Cannot convert string "<Key>Esc,Key_Cancel" to type virtual binding

what does this mean and how do I fix it?

i would be more than happy to share this information on how to configure
XFree with Solaris with whoever is interested, just mail me (strip the "no"
and the "spam" from my address)



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I have recently got solaris 7 and installed it on my intel box and
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primary ide is 4.3 gig partitioned for c: and d:
secondary ide is 1.2gig with solaris installed.

How do i enable the solaris to r/w to c: and d: please
and how do i identify these to solaris.

thank you

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