nslookup only works for DNS server

nslookup only works for DNS server

Post by Michael G. DeLoo » Sat, 03 Dec 1994 23:02:36

Setup: Solaris 2.3, DNS server is NIS+ master server

nslookup works on DNS server, but gives this on NIS+ clients with DNS
server listed in their resolv.conf:
*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
*** Default servers are not available

I've been reading the DNS and BIND book, but can't seem to figure out
what is going wrong.  Any pointers?


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We've recently gotten our company connected to the rest of the
Internet and had the two DNS's we had to resolve names from the
Internet in addition to local hostnames.  The DNS machines are running
2.4 and 2.5 and the DNS clients on both win95 and other solaris
variations work perfectly in any reference to local or external
hostnames.  eg ping www.mit.edu returns a ping to their ip etc...

However, when trying to run the nslookup utility, all the DNS clients
return some errors about how the 2 DNS servers we have do not contain
the information it needs... even though they can telnet, ping, ftp,
anything to the outside from the resolved names through the DNS
servers.  Once on any of the 2 DNS servers, nslookup works just fine.
Any suggestions?  This isn't too big of a deal since you can always
ping -sn hostname and see the IP you're pinging along with the

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