looking for SOLARIS 2.4 File System Interface

looking for SOLARIS 2.4 File System Interface

Post by roo » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00


I am looking for the "File System Interface" that one can use to integrate a
custom file system into SOLARIS. Note, I am NOT looking for "how to write a
file system" or "how to access a file system". I am simply looking for the
details on the interface SOLARIS (2.4) uses/specifies for a file system writer
to use to configure/add a file system in the system. I understand SOLARIS uses
the standard VFS interface, but I have also heard that they made additions/mods
to this interface since it was last published. The source code for the interf-
acing portion of any file system that runs under SOLARIS 2.4 (i.e. tmpfs) will
greatly help. Thanx in advance.



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even if I only have a vague description of a feeling, I'd like to hear
other opinions to my observation: Since I upgrades our main server
(a Sparcenter 2000) to Solaris 2.4, I have the fsck the filesystem
by hand after every crash. Even after a controlled reboot with
lots of sync and /etc/reboot, the machine found not clean filesystems
and I had to run fsck by hand. I never observed such a behaviour of the
same hardware which run over a year under 2.3 quite sattisfying.

Does anybody observe simmilary behaviour ? Or is there even a technical
explanation for that ? Or is it maybe the journaled filesystem, which I
thought to hear once in a marketing quote and which just needs the right
patch to operate ?



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