Things that break when "sun" or "__sun__" are defined

Things that break when "sun" or "__sun__" are defined

Post by Mike Batchel » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 06:38:58

Color_xterm and ansi_xterm break when compiled on Solaris and "sun" or
"__sun__" are defined.  Gcc 2.6.3 puts -Dsun and -D__sun__ in the specs
file now.  2.5.8 doesn't.  I'll bet 99 cents that Proworks defines those
symbols, too.  The compile breaks on main.c with an undefined symbol "ws"
on line 1837 of main.c for both color_xterm and ansi_xterm, which I had
uploaded to

Obviously, main.c makes a wrong assumption when one of those symbols is
defined and the build is on Solaris 2.x rather than Solaris 1.x aka

Hope that helps someone else who is trying to build color or ansi xterms.

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