Matrox Mil II AGP patch for v2.6

Matrox Mil II AGP patch for v2.6

Post by Robert Yode » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> According to the HCL, the Matrox Millenium II AGP is supported with a driver
> update, after installing DU3, it still doesn't work.  Now I am trying to
> install patch #105195-03 which says adds support for that card, however I
> can't seem to get the patch to run.  I try and follow the instructions with
> the patch, but all I get is a 'bad options' error.  Could someone please
> walk me through the exact commands to apply this patch or let me know that I
> am wasting my time and the Mil II AGP is really not supported.  I attached
> the readme from the patch.  Thanks.

I ran that video card with no problems at all on Solaris 2.6
and now run it with Solaris 7.  I use the SE440BX motherboard.


"Unix:  The Solution to the W2K Problem."



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I've currently got linux set up to boot from the same machine as Win95.
I've found myself spending most of my time in linux so I've decided to
set linux up on a dedicated machine of its own. The current Win95
machine has a Matrox G200 which handles X-windows with good speed. I'd
like to leave this card in the windows machine since it does 3d and I
have not seen any need for 3d support in linux, but I don't want to slow
X down any.
I have a Matrox Millenium II pci card available. I'd like to use it in
my linux only box. Is it just as fast in X-windows as the G200? Is there
a faster card than either of these for X?

I'd like the X stuff to run as fast as possible. WindowMaker deserves
the best video card I can give it.:)

I know I could try both and see, but I thought I'd post here before
doing that to see if anyone has any experience with both cards(Or any
card that is faster under X).  I'd appreciate any info anyone would be
kind enough to share.

Jim Smith


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