volume manager won't work

1. Volume Manager Won't Boot!

I've just installed Volume Manager 2.1 ( Veritas ) an a Sparc 1000, and used vxinstall
to encapsulate the boot disk.  Now it won't boot!  I get the following messages:

        Warning: vxvm: vxio: Cannot find device number for

        Notice: cannot open ROOTDISK: kernel error 6

        panic [cpu0]/thread=0xe0182000: ufs_mountroot: cannot mount root

I talked to Sun about it, and they said the problem was my disk partitioning.  I had two
partitions, / ( With /usr, /var, and /opt), and swap.  I dutifully repartitioned, with
seperate /, /usr, /opt, and swap.  No joy.  I get the same error.
I can boot the system without the Volume Manager by using boot -a, and specifing /dev/null
instead of /etc/system, but I really need to get Volume manager working.

Has anybody slain this particular dragon?  How about using volume manager with a single
Unix partition?


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