Solaris N/W flakey? and Asian character sets

Solaris N/W flakey? and Asian character sets

Post by Tom North » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 14:34:04

I'm told by my Ingres sales rep that multi-byte character set Ingres
(aka 16-bit or Asian Ingres) runs on the following platforms:
        HP-UX 9.0x
        Asian Solaris 2.2
        SunOS 4.1.x (with JLE 1.1.2 or CLE or KLE)

I'm somewhat familiar with the NLIO package for HP-UX which is just a
bunch of extra files (drivers and fonts) to add to HP-UX for Japanese,
Chinese or Korean support.

I presume JLE, CLE and KLE for SunOS are similar to HP's NLIO, and
that they add functionality to SunOS without changing existing
functionality.  Is this correct?

Is Asian Solaris a separate OS from Solaris, or just extra
files/drivers/fonts etc added to normal Solaris?

Can Solaris and Asian Solaris coexist on the same box without booting
off different partitions (which we want to avoid)?

I'm told that Ingres is a bit flakey on Solaris 2.2 due to networking
problems in Solaris 2.2.  Is this correct/likely?  Are there a lot of
patches for Solaris 2.2 that fix this, or is it better to use 2.3 (not
out in Asian form yet, I believe).

Anyone know of a newsgroup for internationalization?

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