NIS+, access to tables fails under load

NIS+, access to tables fails under load

Post by Gra » Tue, 14 Dec 1993 18:57:52

I am running NIS+ but find that I lose connection with the NIS+
server, hence any requests to access any of the NIS+ tables fail
by timing out. Under very low load the configuration appears to be
working correctly, but as soon as 5-10 users login concurrently
I start to have problems. If I stagger logins and access to some of
my application packages then I can get all 30 of my workstations
running, just.

If I do a find command to recursively change the group ownership
of files in a directory hierarchy, then after processing some
of the files I get an error something like "cannot change group,
group markup not found", trying to access any of the NIS+ tables
will then fail by timing out.

Can anybody help? Do I have a NIS+ configuration problem, or
maybe a tuning/solaris configuration problem

I am running a SPARCserver 10 model 42 with 128Mb memory using NIS+
(security level 2) to support a few local users and 30 sun classic
workstations on their own subnet connected to the second ethernet port.
Running Solaris 2.2 and serving disks via NFS.

                                        Mike Gray