Dynamic device reconfiguration

Dynamic device reconfiguration

Post by da.. » Wed, 22 Sep 1993 15:18:29

A little while ago, I ran across a posting in comp.unix.solaris which
told how to add devices without having to reboot. I unfortunately lost
my copy of this article. Does anyone have a copy and could you either
repost or e-mail it ?

Thanks in advance,



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1. Alternate pathing & dynamic reconfiguration

To make a choice between IBM RS6000 and SUN Ex500 architecture, I need
some information about the alternate pathing (AP) and dynamic
reconfiguration (DR) on a Ex500 with Solaris 7 .
Does someone has made some tests about these features ?
Is it something that works fine ?
Until what point these features avoid system reboot ?
Any experience about these 2 things would be a great help to me.


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AIX/Oracle/SAP Administrator

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