vi and terminal problem

vi and terminal problem

Post by Jose Luis Rojano Piernagord » Tue, 04 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am using an XWindows server to open xterm sessions. The problem is that
when I invoke "vi" and I return to the shell, it seems to have lost the
sincronicity between my terminal and the screen. For example, if I type:


and then I use the backspace key to delete the last "p", my screen displays
something like this:

"hell p"

That is to say, it deletes the "p", but it puts it behind.

If I keep on deleting with the backspace, i obtain:

" h e l l p"

Does anyone know what's the problem?


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I have a strange problem with elvis version 1.8 under vms or ultrix
as the host. When I log on to either vms or ultrix and try to use
elvis version 1.8 under ckermit with either a xterm or console under
Linux, the cursor jumps all over the screen. The cursor moves to the right,
but also moves all the way to left side of the screen after each keypress.
When the cursor gets the right side of the screen it starts to jump to the
bottom of the screen also with each keypress. Note I'm talking about how vi
looks on my x-terminal or console.

Since this does not happen with OS/2 and ckermit. I suspect that
something is setup wrong with the terminals in Linux.

Any help would be apperciated.



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