Sparc10 solaris 2.5 to Sparc20 solaris 2.6 migration question

Sparc10 solaris 2.5 to Sparc20 solaris 2.6 migration question

Post by timepilo » Thu, 13 Aug 1998 04:00:00

subject says it all. I got into this game late. I have a customer running a
Sparc10 with Solaris 2.5 (patch levels woefully behind) who decided the
performance of the Oracle 7x database on it would be increased by moving it
over to a Sparc20 running dual SM71s and Solaris 2.6. They bought all the
H/W then engaged me to do the work. Yikes.

Anyway, my question is: can anyone suggest the audit I might make of the
sparc10 to ensure I can replicate user accounts, host name, etc.. on the new
Sparc20 so i can snapshot the database, copy it over, then go testing? I
realize this is a wide-open question, but I'm not a Solaris guru. My *nix
experience is mostly with SCO and HP-UX...

Any help GREATLY appreciated and email replies preferred as I don't get to
to USENET as much as I'd like...


Jack M. Estes, II
Prinicple Consultant
E-SWAT/STS Technologies, Inc.
(314)961-2862 office


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Under all versions of Solaris, except 8, when you ifconfig your loopback
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ping or make any network connections to the server.  That's obvious because the
ip address is now local to the machine and everything just breaks for that

Some router in between to connect each other.
Server =

Then you "ifconfig lo0:1 netmask up" and the host
cannot talk to the server anymore.

In the Solaris 8 environment, even patched up with xref file 2/28/01, when you
do an "ifconfig lo0 addif netmask up" or "ifconfig
lo0:1 plumb ; ifconfig lo0:1 netmask up" the host
is still able to talk with the server.  If you wait like 2 hours, sometimes the
host will not be able to ping/talk to the server until you unplumb lo0:1 then
traffic will start right away.

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matter make it would like is should.   :)

-- Shawn

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