Q: Solaris(Intel) on MB with MVP3 chipset

Q: Solaris(Intel) on MB with MVP3 chipset

Post by Core Dum » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00


     Will Solaris 7(Intel) work with motherboard with MVP3 chipset?  On
Sun's HCL, none of the motherboard listed uses that chipset.  Will there be
any problem?
All other devices I have are on the HCL.



1. Help - disk I/O corruption with DFI K-6 mb/VIA MVP3 chipset


I'm using a 500MHz AMD K-6 m/b, DFI K6BV3+ (VIA MVP3 chipset), and am
experiencing some reproducible data corruption on file operations (e.g.,
on a big cpio archive, "cpio -i --only-verify-crc < archive" will
produce repeatable CRC errors - presumably on files badly written - and
random errors presumably on files badly read).

This is very similar to the problem described by Mikael Bouillot in this
1999 posting:
I am not running with any non-default hdparm tweaks.

I have yet to pin down whether this is the K-6 bug described here
(unlikely on a K-6 this speed?):
bad RAM, or a problem with the VIA chipset or controller/drive
incompatibility (it's a Quantum Fireball CR6.4A).

Any definite clues out there? (Mikael, if you're reading this, did you
solve the problem? - the e-mail address on your post is no longer


PS. I'd appreciate an e-mail CC of any reply, if convenient.

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