paging problem

paging problem

Post by Usman Muzaffa » Fri, 30 Jul 1999 04:00:00


We have a problem with a program that seems to getting
paged out. When I first start the application, I can
see that it's virtual image size is about 32 megs, and
all of it is resident (RSS == SIZE == 32).

Shortly after the program reads more from disk, however,
Solaris starts paging it out. I can see the RSS go
down to 16 mb, I can hear the disks making a lot of
noise, and the performance of my program slows to a crawl.

Normally, I would suspect that I just need more RAM but
the system had plenty of free memory before the process
started (more than the total virtual image size of my
program). So why is it paging it out? And if it really
does have to page out, to keep free memory above lotsfree,
why my running process, instead of some unused sleeping

I've examined the output from vmstat, sar and top
carefully - the system is definitely paging, but I just
can't seem to understand why.

One final clue: I wrote a simple C program which allocated
a block of 40 megs and continually wrote to it - when
run, this program never pages out -- I didn't write the
program with the problem, but I do have its source --
is there something I should look for?

All help greatly appreciated.


1. Apache 1.3.3/stronghold 2.4.1: non-Sec page -> Sec page problem


I have a plain Apache 1.3.3 server running on port 80 of a machine here.
It has *Many* v-hosts tied to it, all on port 80, with their own IP

On the same machine there is a Stronghold 2.4.1 server that runs only on
port 443.  There are no v-hosts associated with this server.

The Apache server runs on the _same_ IP address as the Stronghold server
but the port numbers are different.

I am seeing this problem with an OLD unix version of Netscape 3.0 Gold.
I have seen the behaviour with a very recent version of Internet

The problem:

There is a web page under a v-host on the Apache server.  It has a link
from it to a page on the Stronghold server.  I can view the document
source and the URL of the link is correct.

When I try to follow the link I get the standard "You are accessing
a secure doc" message but the "key" stays broken and there is no blue
border.  I click on "Ok" and have the page.  Looking at the "Location"
of the page it should read

instead it says

If you type in the "https" address by hand then you go to the secure
page but not if you follow the link from the page.

The Stronghold server is getting the request because it is being logged
in that server's access_log -- however every instance is being tagged as
Status 304.

I have no redirects set up in either server config.  I do not have any
re-write rules that I am aware of.

Any ideas?

Dean Karres               |

Southwind Internet Access | Programmer / Systems Administrator
Wichita, KS               | <Troll 2nd Class /w Clusters>

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