Web Surf monitor/log software

Web Surf monitor/log software

Post by Newland Data In » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Newland Data Inc. announces the release of utellWEB version 1.0.

UtellWEB is a web surf monitor/log software. It tells you which web site is
visited by which browser on your network at what time. It can capture all the
web browser activeties on your network. It is an excellent tool to monitor,
log, and search all the web browser traffic on your network.

UtellWEB runs on an ordinary Solaris workstation. You don't have to mess around
your fire wall or router to monitor web surf activities.

UtellWEB writes web browser network traffic to a log file. You can run
utellWEB 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are powerful searching tools
included in UtellWEB package also. You can search a particular web site or
web browser address. You can search how many different web sites or web
browser addresses in a log file as well.

UtellWEB is very easy to install and configure.

A. What can I do with utellWEB?

1. Web surf monitor and log:

   UtellWEB can monitor/log all the web browsers network traffic of your
   network. It can also be configured just log part of the web browser
   network traffic.

2. Network Administration:

   When you run utellWEB on one computer, you will know all the web browser
   activities, you will know which web browser visites which web site at what
   time. You will know which web site is the most popular site among the
   users on your network.
   You will know the amount of network traffic generated by web browsers.

3. Statistics:

   You can find out the peak time of web browser network traffic.
   You can find out how many times a user spend surfing on internet.
   You can find out how many sites are visited by the users on your network.

4. Network history comparison:

   You can run utellWEB for weeks and months, You can compare the network
   traffic between any period of time and have a feeling of the network
   traffic pattern. (for example: web browser traffic increases 50% every 6

5. Much more:
   Web browser management, security, ...

B. Can I try utellWEB free? where do I get utellWEB?

Yes, you can try utellWEB 30 days free. You can get an evaluation copy of
utellWEB from our web site www.std.com/newland or ftp from

C. What do you need to run utellWEB

1. Sparc Solaris 2.x(x86 platform coming soon).
2. Root privilege.

D. Pricing and Availability

UtellWEB 1.0 is available immediately from Newland Data Inc. at $499 per license

Newland Data Inc.

P.O.Box 30144
Bethesda, MD 20824