sfio - compilation problem

sfio - compilation problem

Post by Michael Elle » Wed, 30 Jan 2002 08:16:49

sorry if this isn't quite the right forum for this, but I know people
here have worked with SFIO (well, it's in the FAQ).  I'm working with
sfio on my solaris 2.7 system with workshop 6u2.

I'm including <sfio.h> and I've switched my I/O calls to the SFIO
equivalents (sfopen, sfwrite, etc) but I'm getting compilation errors
- things like:

error: function "std::putchar" has already been defined

...mostly having to do with stdio functions.  The stdio header is
probably getting included somewhere in one of the common headers. I
really just want to use the sfio interface and not the stdio.  Does
anyone know if there a way to get sfio to NOT override the stdio

Mike Ellery


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I am trying to compile the binutils package in order to have a
Sun gcc executable that will create linux binaries.

I am on a Sun 4.1.3.

Some of the problems arise from (in binutils 9l.4) from a MISSING
getopt.h file and no demangle.h file.  Apparently SunOS doesn't
sidtribute getopt.h, or my local sysadmin's didn't think anyone
would require it.

Problems arising from binutils .9l.3 are the confusion with the
a.out.h file, either missing certain #define's, or being included

The documentation for making the binutils package is rather obtuse.

If someone _has_ a binary distribution of a SunOS 4.1.x -> linux compiler,
that would be _great_, and if not, then how do I fix up the
makefiles and header files for either version of binutils?


(The traffic here is terrific)



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