Need Help Recovering from Dumb Mistake: Please

Need Help Recovering from Dumb Mistake: Please

Post by Steve Goldfie » Thu, 23 Dec 1993 08:39:11

I'm preparing to upgrade from Solaris 2.1 to 2.3.
Because I need to repartition my hard disk (the
partitions aren't big enough for 2.3), I'm backing
up lots of files and copying some to my external
drives for extra security. In the process of doing
that, I made a foolish mistake and removed all the
files in my /etc directory. I have them backed up
on tape, but the question is: how can I restore them?
I can't boot because they're gone. I've managed to
boot from the Solaris 2.3 cdrom, but I'm having
difficulty mounting my disks from there. I tried
copying the appropriate lines from my /etc/vfstab
file (I saved a hard copy), changing the / directory
to /root since the cdrom has its own root directory.
However, because the cdrom is read-only, it won't
let me make a new directory to use as a mount
point. And when I try to mount the disks, I get
a "mount point does not exist" message.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I have some files I need to back up before I
repartition and install 2.3 and lose them.
Please respond by Email; I doubt that this problem
is a common one.

University of California at Berkeley     Richmond Field Station


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