IP Loopback through DLPI instead of lo0

IP Loopback through DLPI instead of lo0

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Is there any way to prevent IP from short circuiting local
addresses in the IP modules.  While this method is clearly
the most efficient, it would be nice to be able to perform
the loopback in either a DLPI or custom pseudo driver.  This
would allow testing of link layer protocols on a single machine,
while the current approach requires two machines because the link
layer never sees packets that are addressed locally.



1. Mapping two IP addresses onto loopback lo0 --- HOWTO?

I want to be able to map two IP addresses onto a loopback address -
the reason? To be able to achieve redundant networking between to

I'm running Solaris 2.5.1

                         |                             |            
    |                             |
                   ------------                   ------------
                   |          |                   |          |
               lo0 |          |                   |          | lo0
         ----------|          |                   |          |-------- |          |                   |          |
                   |          |                   |          |
                   ------------                   ------------
    |                             |
                         |                             |

By associating separate network addresses with the loopback ports of
the two machines, I can then use a routing system to route traffic
between the two hosts by whichever network is open (if anybody can
suggest a better way of achieving this sort of redundancy then I'm
open to suggestions).

My questions:

        1) Is it possible to map a second IP address onto lo0? My
           attempts at "ifconfig lo0:1" failed dismally,
           producing only a POINTTOPOINT entry.

        2) If not, what are the consequences of having an address
           *other* than on lo0?

Dunstan Vavasour

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