SCSI HD and Solaris 2.6 install wqith mirroring

SCSI HD and Solaris 2.6 install wqith mirroring

Post by Kersi Maroli » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00


We ordered a SUN SPARC 450 Enterprise server with two 4GB and four 9GB
SCSI drives. It was delivered with only one 9 GB drive installed. We
then got from SUN a 8 port SCSI extender and installed it. But got drive
identification errors possibly due to invalid SCSI IDs.

1. Can the server automatically configure the SCSI IDs?
2. How is mirroring setup (one 4 GB for Solaris and two 9 GB drives for
applications and data)?
3. Would the drives be partioned and ready for Solaris 2.6?
4. Where can I get detailed instructions / info for the above?

Thanks for your help



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I have the x86 implementation of Solaris 2.6 on a system which has a 2GB
SCSI hd, and comes fitted with the Buslogic BT 946-C host adapter. I got
myself a 9.1 GB Western Digital SCSI drive (WDE9100-0003) to serve as a
second hard drive. The device is recognized without a hitch, but when I
go to assign it to Solaris, the results are disastrous. Here's what I
a) I got the /etc/format.dat specs from WD;
b) I invoked ``format'', selected the second (new) drive and described
it as conforming to the newly added entry in the format.dat file;
c) I chose the fdisk option, created three ``Solaris'' partitions, each
equaling 30% of capacity;
d) I invoked ``format'' after saving the fdisk settings, which set off,
giving the impression that it had commenced its work, but failed after
10 seconds with the message ``format failed''. What's worse is that I
cannot anything with the drive anymore. I tried invoking fdisk again,
when the message it responds with is:
fdisk: Device (/dev/dsk/c0t4d0p0) cannot be opened.
Bad read of fdisk partition. Status: ffffffff
Cannot read fdisk partition information.
No fdisk Solaris partition found.

What am I doing wrong? I called up the PC vendor (Micron), who assures
me that the drive is supported by the host adapter. What else, assuming
I can clear this hurdle (even if it means getting another hd and
starting from scratch), do I need to do in order to install the second
drive and create the three partitions/filesystems on it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Madhav J

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