Remote Kernel Source Level Debugger

Remote Kernel Source Level Debugger

Post by Drew Wre » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 04:58:21

Kernel Source Level De* (KSLD) is a remote source level
kernel de* for Solaris running on the SPARC and Intel
platform editions.  Its design uses a host-target model.
KSLD is not a single-machine de* like kadb.  Nor is it
intended to replace kadb or other debug tools available in
Solaris.  KSLD runs on a host machine and communicates with
a debug agent that resides on the target machine.

This article provides an overview of KSLD and is targeted at
Solaris Sustaining Engineers, Kernel Module
Developers/Gatekeepers, Device Driver Developers,
Independent Hardware/Software Vendors, Business and
Development Partners, and Quality Assurance Engineers

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1. Source level kernel debugger to debug a UNIX kernel remotely

I am looking for a source level debugger to debug a UNIX kernel remotely.  The
target machine is a 80486 PC running UNIX System V release 4.x kernel.  Are you
aware of any source level kernel debuggers for 80486 platform?  If so, please
drop me a note.  Thanks a lot.

  Girish Goyal

  Voice:     (408)285-9858


10555 Ridgeview Ct.
Cupertino, CA 95014

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