Cyrus LMTP feature file for sendmail

Cyrus LMTP feature file for sendmail

Post by Gary Mil » Fri, 06 Oct 2000 04:00:00

The file below is for sendmail-8.11.1.  It redefines the local
mailer to become a mailer for the Cyrus LMTP server, using a Unix-
domain socket.  By default, the definition is indentical to the
sample cyrus mailer provided with the cyrus-imapd-2.0.7 distribution,
except that it's called `local' rather than `cyrus'.

The file should be installed in your cf/feature directory.  To activate
it, add a line like this to your .mc file:

FEATURE(local_cyrus, `/var/run/imap/lmtp')dnl

The optional argument is the name of the Unix-domain socket.  The file
defines required and optional mailer flags.  The default optional

before the FEATURE line.

If anyone from either the Cyrus or sendmail camps wants to take over
this feature, it will be fine with me.

#       Copyright notice goes here.
#       This feature file is for a site that uses the Cyrus LMTP server
#       exclusively for local mail. This requires Sendmail 8.10 or later.

VERSIONID(`$Id: local_cyrus.m4,v 8.15 2000/10/1 05:06:22 ca Exp $')

        `errprint(`*** FEATURE(local_cyrus) must occur before MAILER(local)

define(`LOCAL_MAILER_PATH', `[IPC]')
        ifdef(`REQ_CYRUS_FLAGS', REQ_CYRUS_FLAGS, `lsDFMnqSmXz'))

define(`LOCAL_MAILER_EOL', `\r\n')
        ifelse(defn(`_ARG_'), `', `FILE /var/imap/socket/lmtp',
                CONCAT(`FILE ', _ARG_)))

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